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I’ve just finished putting the finishing touches on a WordPress Widget that lets you add a list of EntreCard droppers to your website. If you’ve never used EntreCard before, it’s a great networking tool for bloggers, where you can drop your Card onto another bloggers blog to let them know you’ve visited. It’s great fun to see who’s come around to your blog and visit their blog to drop your card.

Anyway, the Entrecard widget on your website has a “Drop” button, however there’s no way to show who were the last few people who dropped their card. EntreDroppers works hand-in-hand with this widget and lets you list as many past droppers as you would like. You even have the option to show a description of their blog in your sidebar.

So, if you use Entrecard, check out EntreDroppers.

p.s. and I just wanted to thank Lisa and Tina for their kind help in testing the widget


  1. Thank you for this widget. It is a powerful plug in especially combined with the I follow. It also makes it easy for me to visit people who have dropped cards, I just go right from my own web page!!! Thanks again!

    Avid Reader

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