WP Auctions: Fee Free Auctions For Your Blog

Every once in a while some new product comes along which changes the way that things are done. This time it’s eBay’s dominance in the online auctions market that is about to be shaken! Everyone can now auction off their products, stuff in their garage and run an auction blog FEE FREE thanks to WP Auctions.

Making money online, and getting traffic to sell it too, is going to get easier and more profitable with the advent of the WP Auctions Plugin.

What is WP Auctions?

WP Auctions WidgetWP Auctions is a free standalone plugin that enables anyone with the WordPress installed blogging platform to set up auctions on their own blog. Some of the features include –

  • The basic plugin is free for download
  • There are no fees to list your auctions, re-list them and re-list them again and again… Ever.
  • You host your own auctions. You can end them, delete them, edit them whenever you like. All from your own admin panel.
  • Mange bids on auctions in your admin panel.
  • Visitors can subscribe to your auctions by RSS. {this is really awesome!}
  • Choose between four currencies USD, Euro, Yen & GBP to run your auctions in.
  • Get notified when bids are placed.
  • Delete fraudulent bids…

…and much, much more!

Fee Free Auctions On Your Blog

You can auction virtually anything – from a red paper clip to a house from the comfort of your own blog, or WordPress enabled website, without paying anybody any fees whatsoever at all.

If you don’t have anything physical to auction, you can auction off advertising space, paid reviews or auction off something for a charitable purpose – hey, it doesn’t hurt to do something good once in a while!

More Money, More Traffic

The secret of WP Auctions lies not in the simplicity of letting a blog owner make more money, but also in the ingenious way that it provides them traffic to sell to. It doesn’t matter if your blog does not get hundreds or thousands of visitors a day – WP Auctions will help you get traffic from people who will be interested in what you are putting up for auction.

Details to come about that in the near future…

Beta Invites Now Open

Simply visit the website to sign up for a beta invite. Only 50 will be selected from the pool of submitted candidates and will be notified by Friday where they can download the plugin.

About WP Auctions

The Idea: WP Auctions is a Weborithm production. Weborithm is owned by Hyder who has over 6 years of web experience in various fields like design, freelance writing, making money online, blogging, dreaming up new products and transitioning over to becoming a web entrepreneur.

The Developer: The WP Auctions plugin has been developed by Owen (that’s moi). The plugin is a culmination of all the PHP/MySQL/WordPress experience I’ve amassed in the last few years. It’s also let me experiment with some AJAX techniques and has been a great vehicle towards learning some amazing skills.
Can you believe it we have not even spoken once! This plugin was developed solely via chats on MSN Messenger and a digitally signed Word document. Big thanks to WordPress, you rock!

Here’s a screenshot of things to come. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the beta download instructions on Friday, only 46 44 remaining at time of writing…



  1. I would love this! I sell a ton of stuff on ebay (cowboytf) and have quit doing it so much lately because of all the fees! Man, I wish I had it right now!!!!!!!

  2. Well, this is pretty amazing! I’ve just finished listing at eBay tonight, and I’ve got another auction over at thislittlepiggystayshome.com homeschool auction site. However, this looks like a pretty neat deal here!

  3. This looks interesting and could prove to be an alternative to Ebay especially now that they are putting up their fees. Personally I have stopped listing on Ebay altogether recently because it is expensive to keep relisting products and with the new increase Ebay will take a further cut of the final sale price.

  4. I did sign up at the site you pointed to, but only got an email about an upgrade. I still don’t know how to get the auction plugin. 🙁

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