PHP – Want to create a graph?

Last night I wanted to create a WordPress widget for my brother in law, Randolph who has decided to ask people who ask him what he wants for Xmas to donate cash towards his new laptop. It’s a bit rough as I can’t really dedicate time to it at the moment, but I wanted to share a cool library for creating graphs that made the whole thing so much easier for me. It’s called PostGraph and lets you create graphs really easily. It’s not as sophisticated as some of the others I’ve seen, (I was particularly impressed by PHP/SWF charts), but it’s free, so you can’t really knock it.

I’ll clean it up in the New Year, just after I’ve finished off some other things (Hyder knows exactly what I’m talking about), and then package it up so others can use it. You can use it get get people to donate towards a gift, a holiday or even a wedding present, just like Rory did. Thanks for the inspiration mate!

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