Make money by surfing on FaceBook

It was only a matter of time! First someone builds a platform with a couple of useful applications, then come a wave of fun applications and games, then in come the profiteers and people trying to make a quick buck. Today I came across what I believe will be the first of many, a per-per-surf application which rewards FaceBook members for clicking on adverts. It’s called CashCliques and pays users a cent for every advert they click on. Here’s the doozy, you can encourage friends and acquiescences to sign up and you’ll make a commission off their clicks. Has all the markings of a pyramid scheme.

It’s an interesting development, and this is the first one of it’s kind that I have seen on FaceBook. The question is, will FaceBook allow this sort of application on their platform? They have already clamped down against spammy and deceptive applications, so it’s debatable whether they will allow the sort of application that encourages participants to obtain financial gain by spreading it. I haven’t had time to go through their terms of service, but it will be interesting to see how long the application stays available.

cashcliques1.JPGThe application presents the user with a number of banners. The user needs to click on them one at a time and study the advert for 30 seconds before proceeding to the next ones. The user can do 10 of these a day and will be paid 1c per advert. When you recommend other users, you also make 1c off adverts that they click, so there’s potential to make a lot more than 10c a day. Still, I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone quits their day job over this.

So, the question is .. will Facebook let CashCliques live,or will it take it out?


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