Google’s Policies on Privacy get blasted

Seems like Google has received a scathing report from Privacy International about their policies and attitudes with respect to privacy. As you may be aware, Google is the number 1 search engine, but it’s actually last on this last with regards to privacy issues. People work with Google every day, whether you’s searching for something elusive or trying to do? some themed search marketing, you’re bound to leave some trail in Google. And besides this, Google’s job is actually to sift through? data to find information about things and people, so having all this information is really valuable to it.

There is some debate around how credible the report actually is; turns out there’s a lot of second-hand information in there. SearchEngineLand has a great post which goes into detail on how the report is made up and how Privacy International came up with the verdict. If you don’t want to read the whole report, read their post. Also, Scoble has an interesting take on where they are going wrong with their PR, in that they are focusing on the wrong thing and forgetting the interests of the masses, a factor that has made them great. Interesting debate.

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