What’s your carbon footprint?

There’s lots of talk around at the moment about carbon emissions and trying to make people responsible for their carbon footprint. There are a number of factors that influence someone’s carbon footprint, which is basically the amount of carbon dioxide they generate. If this worries you, I’ve come across 20 ways in which you can reduce your carbon emissions.

An interesting way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to consume locally grown, non-processed food. I never knew this, but on average, food typically travels 2,500 km before it gets to you and that’s quite a substantial use of energy. Eating locally grown food is one way to do your part for the environment and non-processed food is better for you anyway.

Check out the other 20 ways to reduce your carbon footprint and see how you can do your part too.


  1. A good way to eat locally produced food is to buy your fruit and veg through a local box scheme. I use Abel and Cole and 90% of the produce comes from local farmers. You get a good variety of fruit and Veg and they also sell meat, fish and eggs as well as other organic products. It also helps cut down on the packaging that goes in the bin, the cardboard box that it comes in can be left for the driver to collect the following week and used again.

  2. Solar Water Heaters are another great idea. We have two families sharing one unit here. Since I am not a 9 to 5 person, I opt to take my shower in the early afternoon so I am not competing for the heat with my upstairs neighbor in the morning.

    Obviously they aren’t suitable for everywhere, like say, the Isle of Man.

    Eating locally is very practical here, except for grains.

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