Why do you shop online?

What is the most compelling reason for you to shop online? There are a multitude of reasons that my spring to mind, some which are more important to me than others; things like price, choice, convenience are the main three for me. What are yours?

I was speaking to someone the other day who’s main reason for shopping online isn’t just that prices are generally cheaper than the high street. She could also get further discounts by taking advantage of special offers and using any coupons she could find online. She pointed me at one of her favourite coupon sites called BlueNile coupon codes that give you 10% off your purchases from that online store. They also have coupons for places like Amazon, Dell, Target, Macys and a whole variety of other places. If you’re looking to buy something online, check them out and see if you can save more.

If you look through the website you can see there are coupons for all sorts of discounts, ranging from coupons for up to 25% off from particular stores, free shipping on wares from e-commerce sites and free items added to your order. If you take this into account when buying online you can see how you can have substantial savings over buying something from a bricks and mortar store.


  1. The main reason I shop online is that I can easily make price comparisons between several different retailers. If I were to do the same on the high street it would probably take me the whole day and involve going to several different shopping centres in order to find the same choice.

    Most online retailers also have a more convenient returns policy. With La Redoute for example I can arrange a return online and simply leave it out for collection on the designated day instead of having to find time to take an item back to the store.

    With clothes shopping in particular I find the changing rooms in shops are usually cramped and badly lit and often you have to wait in a long queue which personally puts me off trying on an item, thus the retailer loses the sale. With online shopping I can order as many items as I like, try them all on in the comfort of my own home and then just return anything unsuitable.

  2. I love shopping online. With my crazy schedule, I can shop for great items online any time of the day or night. I really should look into using coupon codes more, though.

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