The i-Follow Movement

I had already mentioned in the I love comments (I hate spam) post that I’m implementing plugin that removes WordPress’ NoFollow tags called DoFollow. The reason behind this is that I think people’s comments contribute to the building conversations in the blogosphere and Search Engines should be following these links as relevant pieces of information. No only does it help the contributor’s ranking in search engine’s eyes, but it allows the conversation to flow from one place to another in a truly organic fashion.

You’ll notice a new badge in my sidebar showing my support for the i-Follow Movement which is based around these principles. They have a set of images (and even a CSS version) for people to add to their blogs showing that if someone comments, their blog will allow Follows through to their contributors. Much recommended. Sign up today!


  1. My blog now follows links. At first I thought nofollow was a good idea but I have changed my mind on that. After a long time procrastinating I have seen the importance of “dofollow” and making sure everything stays connected and links don’t get broken. I will follow comments on my blog, I hope more people adopt these principals. Regards Bree.

  2. I also agree with the dofollow tag… However with this you will have the accompanying spam… Of course! Not all of the spam is bad however, sometimes people want to put in their say and also have a very valid point to add to the conversation, it is just at the end they may want to advertise their own site. I for one think that this is a good idea. Although when the spam just says something like …
    “Boy that was great!!! Now buy my HUGE PENIS PILLS”…
    Well that of course is out of line and the posted comment should be removed,. So the blog owner will have a little work for him/herself. bla, bla, bla, I could go on!
    Bikini Girl Lori

    Oh YeaH!
    So with all this being said… Why do you have the NOfollow tags anyway? That is just the opposite of what you said… Yes?

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