Fix your broken laptop

I came across an interesting site while browsing through LifeHacker (which is pretty interesting itself). Anyway, Instructables has an article on how to fix your laptop LCD if it’s broken. It’s pretty easy to follow, has pictures of every step, though you might want to check if your laptop manufacturer has a guide before you start taking your laptop apart.

While on the subject of laptop repair, IraqiGeek has an article on how to fix a laptop keyboard. It’s a pretty hard core guide though, so not for the faint-hearted. Also, here’s an article on how to deal with a spill on your laptop. Watch out with the hair-dryer bit though, this guy managed to melt some of his keys!

Anyway, might be worth checking if the damage is covered by your Home Insurance. Some of them have an accidental damage policy that will cover you if you accidentally break your laptop!


  1. The problem is it looks easy on paper, not so easy in practice. I do at least 3 of these a week, and can usually get them done in around 20-30 minutes. But, the problem is if you’re not careful it’s very easy for you to break the computer permanently. Sometimes you have to jiggle connectors out of the motherboard, and one push too hard, and you can crack the motherboard.

    I’ve seen customers that didn’t know what they were doing and completely messed up their laptop. It’s not that it’s that difficult just that beware of the implications of messing up.

    Fred- Atlanta PC Repair guy

  2. After a spill necessitated replacing the keyboard on my Satellite A135, about 1/2 of the keys, mainly on the left side of the keyboard, don’t work. I can’t seem to press the plastic ribbon cable of the new one into the connector far enough for it to engage all the pins. I tried reattaching the old keyboard, but can’t press that cable in far enough either. There seems to be white mineralization on some pins in the connector. It’s a very thin space, and barely accessible. How can I safely clean it off so the cable fits properly and makes contact with all the pins?

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