Flights out of the IOM

I’ve justed booked my flight for a trip to the UK next month. It seems like connections to London seem to be more expensive this year, and the choice of airlines flying to the Isle of Man gets smaller and smaller. BA Connect still fly to the Island (we’ll see if they still will after FlyBe take them over), and there are no Cheap Flights to and from the island.

The problem is really down to pure economics. The Isle of Man has 70,000 residents and there really isn’t enough volume to justify a discount airline flying here. At the same time, the larger carriers have a range of costs they need to cover, so it doesn’t look like the ticket prices will be coming down anytime soon.

I’m starting to think that a lot of complaints that people have about the Isle of Man would be solved by inflating the population of the island. At the same time, the community is quite insular and I get a feeling that immigration is going to be a topic of much heated debate over the next few months. It’s nice to be a small community protected from the rest of the world, but sometimes there’s a price to pay.

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