Make yourself a messageboard

Have you ever wished you had a messageboard? Well, there are websites online that make it easy for you to just set one up for free. It’s just a matter of filling in a form, agreeing to a set of terms and conditions and off you go. The beauty of a free message board hosting service is that it lets you test the water without having to invest too much money in it. If the idea you have doesn’t kick off, then all you would have invested is some time. If you’ve found a great idea, then you can go ahead and invest some cash in a fully fledged solution knowing that your investment will pay off.

The great thing about messageboards is that they encourage a great sense of community for the people who participate on them. I’m active on two forums at the moment: ManxForums and the PayPerPost Forum. Unfortunately I don’t have time to really get too involved, but you can see the sense of camaraderie that develops amongst the regulars.

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