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Just wanted to take a minute or so to welcome everyone to WordPress. I’ve been using dasBlog for a number of years now, however have decided to move to something that’s easier to use, easier to tweak, has a massive following and tons of things to play with. Over the last 6 months I’ve built around 7 websites using WordPress as the content engine and have been impressed with it’s capabilities. I’ve ended up teaching myself PHP and MySQL as a result and improved my Javascript and CSS capabilities and feel a better person for it. WordPress should bring a more streamline experience for everyone using the blog, I look forward to your comments about how you think it’s going on.

So, what? is the migration strategy for the move? Well, I’m keeping the old blog running alongside this one. In this way my old posts and comments remain intact. I’ll be linking back to the old blog when needed and Search Engines will still be able to point you at the old posts, so nothing will be lost there. Running both blogs side-by-side is proving to be really easy as they both use different technologies; dasBlog runs on ASP.Net while WordPress is a PHP/MySQL application. My RSS feed is provided through FeedBurner, so most people won’t even notice the switch-over. There will be a few days where the new feed won’t be historically correct (as it won’t have the old blog on it), but that should resolve itself in a couple of days.

Over the next few days I’ll be messing around with themes and plugins so the blog will be in a state of flux, but this should not affect any of the content being delivered by the site. If you have any questions, just? leave me a comment? 😉


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