Malta and Pisa here we come

Well, we’ve pretty much finalised our plans for our upcoming holiday, a quick trip
to Malta followed by a few
days in Pisa. Should be a nice holiday.

One thing we’ve really been wanting to do for some time now is go for a cruise together.
Camille’s been on a cruise, but I haven’t really and Arthur definitely hasn’t! What
would be really nice would be a Caribbean vacation,
though we also considered a Mediterranean cruise with a possible stop-off in Malta.
While reading around I cam across the Warm Islands website
which has a ton of articles about cruising and also includes a forum with loads of
information. For me, the most interesting part of the site was the Cruising
page which covers the following topics:

  • Cruising and Passports
  • Cruising Etiquette
  • Pampering Yourself while on a Cruise
  • Security Abroad while on a Cruise
  • Cruising and doing the Laundry
  • Cruise Exercise

and many more>

I’m not quite sure if we’d go for a beach holiday. The nice thing about Malta was
that the beach is always close to wherever you live, so I’m not a big fan of beaches.
But I love the idea of cruising around, with all your needs seen to, waking up in
a different place every day. What would be really nice one day might be an Alaskan
cruise, drifting through the icebergs really sounds amazing .. but that’s for another

We have some neighbors who seem to enjoy cruising a lot. We got lots of information
from them, especially what sort of cruises to avoid and what to look out for. From
what I hear, the biggest problem with cruises is that they tend to be more expensive
than you budget for. There are lots of extras on a cruise and if you don’t know about
them, well, they can really erode your holiday budget. So the best thing is to be
prepared. Warm Islands have a great
where you can discuss everything cruise related and learn not only what
you need to be prepared for, but also what cool things to look out for. I even found
a post
about Malta
which is quite flattering. Check it out!

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