Ice Cream Makers and Electric Can Openers

Mmmm .. we all love ice cream and it turns out it’s really simple to make your own
at home. I came across this
that explains how ice cream makers work (it apparently only takes around
half an hour to make a batch of home made ice cream) together with this
that explains how to choose the right ice cream maker for you.

Both those links are from the Kitchen
Appliance Guide
that also has information on other appliances you can find in
the kitchen. They have information on Juicers and Smoothie
too, but my favourite kitchen gadget has to be the Electric
Can Opener.

(I think we may have an electric can opener at home, but I’m
afraid to ask, otherwise I might get told off for buying cool gadgets I never use,
then forget all about. Like that’s ever happened …)


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