Take the happy road to success

Excellent article by Alexander Kjerulf about why being happy at work matters for businesses. He has a very engaging writing style, combining real-life examples and fluent thoughts. He states that “happy people will give a business many advantages:

  • Higher productivity – happy people achieve better results
  • Higher quality – because happy employees care about quality
  • Lower absenteeism – people actually want to go to work
  • Less stress and burnout – happy people are less prone to stress
  • Attract and retain the best people – people want to work for you
  • Higher sales – happy people are the best sales people
  • Higher customer satisfaction – happy employees are the best basis for good service
  • More creativity and innovation – happy people are more creative
  • More adaptibility – happy people are much more adaptive and open to change
  • Better stock performance – for all of the above reasons
  • Higher profits – for all of the above reasons”

and finishes off with a prediction that in the future “all companies will be happy companies” because happy companies will beat unhappy companies in terms of profitability and efficiency. It’s a good read, check it out!

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