Value from IT in Government

Solidsoft have just issued another edition of their quaterly public sector bulletin: Value from IT in Government. These are the features in this latest issues:

Feature Articles

A turning point for eGovernment

Liam Kelly, Public Sector Practice Manager, Solidsoft explains why he believes these
are exciting times for local authorities.
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Government Connect – Making the business case

Steve Lawrence, Take-up Manager, Government Connect, answers questions about what
Government Connect is, how it will help deliver citizen-centric services and how Local
Authorities can make a business case for using it.
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Government Connect – beyond local authorities

Government Connect may have been developed primarily for local authorities, but there
are compelling arguments as to why other agencies should look to adopt the services
it provides.
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Product News

Taking the strain out of known facts at Liverpool City

Instead of periodically uploading known facts to Government Connect, Liverpool Direct
have taken a different approach. Billy Kershaw, Programme Manager, explains why it’s
less of a strain.
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Hot Topics

Microsoft announces Connected Government Framework

New platform helps local councils deliver transformation in a managed, controlled
and cost-effective way.
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New templates in forthcoming Visual Studio Foundation Server

With the ‘Transformational Government’ White Paper putting an emphasis on improving
how IT is planned and delivered, Charles Young, Principle Consultant, Solidsoft, evaluates
the impact of two new methodology templates – MSF for Agile Software Development and
MSF for CMMI Process Improvement
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Facilitating joined up government with federated security

Andy James, Chief Technology Officer, Solidsoft, examines the benefits of creating
a federated security environment.
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Check out the whole issue: Solidsoft
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