Exciting stuff at PDC

I was hoping to be blogged more while at PDC, but there’s so much cool stuff to explore, discover and catch up on, that I’ve had absolutely NO TIME TO BLOG!!

Just a preview of some of the exciting stuff mentioned/described over the last couple of days so far:

  • Windows Vista
  • Office 12 – some massive stuff coming down the line
  • Avalon – now called Windows Presentation Foundation – WOW!
  • Indigo – now called Windows Communication Foundation
  • InfoCard
  • LinQ <— This is AMAZING!
  • Windows Workflow Services (Solidsoft already doing stuff here)
  • Atlas
  • Sparkle/Acrylic/(can’t remember it’s name) – Microsofts attack on Macromedia

Hoping to write some more over the next few days …

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