MSN Messenger v7.0604 (beta)

Turns out there’s a beta copy of MSN Messenger (build 0604) floating
the web. I must say, it does sound attractive Here are some of the enhancements:

Build 604 contains quite a number of changes from the previous beta build (build 425)
including slightly modified icons and a grey text message next to each contact icon’s
name actually explaining their current status (Online, Away, Offline etc).

Enabling the personal message to tell contacts what you are listening to currently
(tick the option) will change your personal message to reflect the current mp3 you
are listening to (see screenshot 3). Interestingly, when tested with a music video
file in the current playlist the personal message is blanked out while the video file
is being played. MP3 files listed in the playlist following the video file will continue
to update the personal message.

However Mess.Be, which to me is the ultimate source
of all things Messenger related, warns caution as this was a leaked version, rather
than one officially released to beta testers, and also reports conflicts with other
packages. So, I think I’ll stear clear from this one, and wait for the next one to
come along.

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