BizTalk 2002 Revisited

I’ve just spent the day playing with BizTalk
trying to fix a mapping problem for a client. Using the BizTalk Mapper is
tantamount to smashing open a walnut with a towel. You’ll get there in the end, just
not the way you think. I could have fixed the problem in a couple of lines of XSL,
but instead it took numerous hours, loads of digging around and hundreds of messages
to Adrian, a colleague of mine at Solidsoft.
(Thanks for your patience mate, you saved my sanity).
In the end, I solved it with a combination of a Looping functoid, a logical AND functoid
and an Index functoid, which is quite ironic because all I wanted to do was get a
Unique value from a number of returned elements.

And if you’re wondering how you smash open a walnut with
a towel, you wrap it up
in the towel and whack it against a wall. Easy when you know how …

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