Cute Gizmo …


The Telson TWC 1150 is by far the craziest watchphone we’ve ever seen, and unlike
so many of the others (um, Samsung?), it’s actually on sale. However, unlike the others
(and this is maybe why it’s actually available), it’s so big that calling it a watchphone
is being kind; the thing is bigger than one of Wonder Woman’s bracelets and you could
probably get the same effect just strapping a regular cellphone to your wrist. That
said, the TWC 1150 is a CDMA 2000 1x wristwatch, err phone, err wearable computer
with a mini numerical keypad on the band, menu keys, a speakerphone, and has a color
LCD on its double-wide face. And if that’s not enough, you can plug in attachments
like the included VGA camera and a “finger-phone” (you can probably guess what that
is). []

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