Strange ISP problems

I’ve got a second DSL connection for our new shop, and decided to do it with an ISP called BullDog. Service seems fine except for one wierd thing, I can’t seem to access a number of websites. I can access Paypal, but not eBay for example. Tracing to eBay takes me as far as the USA, but dies somewhere in Washington. And the most wierd thing. I can’t even get to Bulldog’s website from their connection. I hope their tech support sorts it out soon.


  1. I have seen this on a few sites and isp providers. For some reason they seem to filter out certain sites. Not sure the reason and not sure what anyone can do about it.

    I do know i hate it when i can not use a site i always did before.

  2. OK, so this is an incredibly old post, but just out of interest, did you ever trace the problem? I obliterated most of my net-related issues over here in Kazakhstan by switching to OpenDNS’ DNS servers, rather than using Megalines.

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