Third Thursday – 16th October #smc

Isn’t it great when Third Thursday creeps up on you and you find out that it’s time to catch up with your fellow Social Media enthusiasts for lunch. That’s right, this Thursday we’re meeting at Jabberwocky for lunch at 12:30.

Social Media Club is a gathering for people interested in Social Media, sharing technologies and the devices we use to connect with one another and share ideas, thoughts and feelings. We’re an eclectic group with a passion for emerging technology and we meet once a month to share and discuss what we’ve learnt over the month and what new things are happening in the space. It’s an open forum, and happy for anyone to join us. We’re a friendly group so pop along and say hi.

Hope to see you there!

Third Thursday – 21st August 2014 – #smc

It’s that time of month again! Third Thursday is once again upon us and it’s time for the Social Media Club to catch up over a tasty lunch at Jabberwocky! We’re a gathering of like-minded individuals with a passion for Social Media, a need to learn and a desire to share what we know. We meet once a month to chat about social media, what’s happened through the month and tech in general.

If you think this might be up your street, come and join us on the 21st August at 12:30 at Jabberwocky in Douglas. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Facebook, only discovered Linkedin or a season Youtube veteran, you’re bound to meet someone you can share ideas with and find out what’s going on. If you can’t stay long, just pop in, grab a coffee and say hello.

See you there!

Third Thursday – 17th July 2014 – #smc

It’s time for Social Media Club! That’s what we do every Third Thursday! We’re a bunch of Social Media enthusiasts who get together once a month to swap stories, learn about all the new social networks and share what we’ve learnt through the month. We’re an open group, so anyone with an interest is welcome to join us.

We’re meeting at Jabberwocky in Douglas at 12:30. Come and join us!

Third Thursday – 19th June 2014 – #smc

And once again Third Thursday is upon us, time for the Isle of Man Social Media Club to get together for lunch and a chat. And what do we talk about? Well, whatever’s new in the world of Social Media, whether it’s new tech, new networks or old technique being applied to New Media. We’re an informal gathering of technologists, marketeers and other people interested in Social Media and how it’s transforming the way we live, play and do business.

If you have an interest in Social Media, come join us; we’re always looking for new ideas and faces. You don’t have to be an expert; in fact joining us for lunch is probably the best way to learn!

Come join us for lunch if you can make the time, if not just for a coffee. We’re meeting at Jabberwocky at 12:30 on 19th June. See you there!

Third Thursday – 15th May 2014 – #smc

You wouldn’t believe it, but Third Thursday falls on the 15th of the month this time, so early that I almost missed it! But thanks to @programx noticing that Facebook had taken the liberty of changing the IOM.SMC page without notifying anyone, I thought I’d better check that we’ve all got the same date in our calendar. That’s this Thursday 15th May!

Social Media Club is a gathering for people interested in Social Media, whether it’s from a technology aspect or as an innovation that has changed the way we work and communicate. If you want to learn more, discuss ideas or just come listen to what’s new in the fascinating work of digital media, just come and join us for lunch.

We’re meeting at Jabberwocky this Thursday (15th) at 12:30. Come and bring a friend!

Third Thursday – March 2014 – Social Media Club

It’s Third Thursday this week and as per tradition, this is the day the Social Media Club meet up for their customary lunch and chat. We’re meeting at Jaberwocky on the 20th March at 12:30 to catch up on the latest Social Media news, views and gossip. We’ll be talking about what’s happened over the last month, including Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp, and whether the rise of small group to small group networks like Whatsapp signifies the decline of large scale networks like Facebook.

Sadly, we also need to talk about the future of Social Media Club. The group has turned decidedly techie and conversations usually drift away from Social Media to emerging technologies. Is this what the group wants? Is it time to rebrand and call ourselves something else? Or will someone with a bent for marketing and PR make the leap and help us add direction to the group.

Come, join us for lunch. It’s an open group; so anyone can come. See you on Thursday!

Third Thursday – August 2013 – Social Media Club #smc.iom

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.Hey everyone, Third Thursday is upon us again and it’s time for our monthly meet-up! Bring all your Social Media news, your exploits and achievements and come share them with your online friends.

For those who have never joins us, Social Media Club is a venue for people active in Social Media to share ideas and collaborate with one another. We meet once a month for lunch with the aim of learning off one another and sometimes, even just putting a face to someone we have met online. It’s an open event, so please come and join us. It doesn’t matter if you’re just curious about what Twitter is all about, or have been using Facebook since it was just invented. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Social Media for work or whether you’re just worried about how it’s changing our lives. Come and join us for a drink or a bite. We’re a friendly bunch 🙂

We meet down at Paparazzi on the Third Thursday of the month. This month it’s Thursday 15th August. Come join us as 12:30