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Third Thursday – August 2013 – Social Media Club #smc.iom

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

Hey everyone, Third Thursday is upon us again and it’s time for our monthly meet-up! Bring all your Social Media news, your exploits and achievements and come share them with your online friends. For those who have never joins us, Social Media Club is a… Read more »

Seeing the world in a brand new light #livefornow

Universe in a magic Drop

Just came across an awesome video featuring Dynamo and Pepsi: The video is pushed out by SpreadItFast, a media company specialising in creating and amplifying trends in technology, fashion and lifestyle spheres. Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. So, anyone know… Read more »

DevG – The first meeting

photo credit: justonlysteve I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first ever meeting of DevG, a DEVeloper Group here in the Isle of Man that looks to bring together developers from different backgrounds in a community event where people can share experiences,… Read more »

Our project in the news

How cool is this, our project got a mention in this week’s Computer Weekly. It was only an inset in a bigger article about SOA, but it feels great to get some recognition. Here’s how the inset read: On a budget he jokes is “less… Read more »

How to get noticed

Interesting post on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog about how to get noticed. It all makes good sense, but it doesn’t hurt to iterate his thoughts here: Have a goal Develop a unique brand Get personal Attend local events Lead events Be interesting Archive your achievements Personally… Read more »

Time to think

Interesting article on BBC about how people need time to think and how people at the top (using Barack Obama and David Cameron as example) see this as a major obstacle to achieving their optimum effectiveness. It goes on to list some pointers that will… Read more »

How to upset a customer

What do you think is a best way to disappoint a customer? I’m sure you can come up with a big list, but right there at the top is promising something and not delivering. I arrived at the airport this morning nice and early because… Read more »