Talk Tech on Third Thursday – August 2016

After a brief hiatus last month, we’re back this month, looking to bring together people working in tech, people developing new tech and also those with just a passing interest in tech. That’s right, Third Thursday is back and we’re meeting at Bar George on Thursday 18th from 12:30.

So, what is Third Thursday all about? Well, it’s a meeting up to share the latest news, talk about our new gadgets and share problems, solutions and whatever is new in the tech world. The topics of conversation tend to be varied, depending on who turns up, but we’ve talked about social media, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality and a host of other technologies. The main topic is always technology, though we tend to skid into adjacent topics from time to time. This month, IoT has been high on our agenda at Code Club, so I know a number of you will be keen to talk about what we can do on-island, where opportunities lie and also what’s scary about this new tech.

It’s an open lunch date, anyone can join us. And we always have a varied group, from people specialising in tech, to others who run start ups to others who spend their time building systems and solutions. So if you want to meet some interesting folk, please come and join us. Bring your gadgets, bring your problems, but above all, bring your stories and exploits.

See you Thursday 18th , at Bar George at 12:30

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