altMBA – Goal Setting

My first couple of days doing Seth Godin’s altMBA have been quite interesting. I’ve met a really interesting bunch of people, picked up lots of interesting and useful information, but am reeling from the ton of material that’s being shared across the group. It’s amazing how we all have backgrounds that are so different, yet can all share learning that’s relevant across the group. I’m not quite sure of the best way to catalogue all the external resources that are coming out (or whether I’ll ever have the time to absorb them), so just wanted to capture some points around Goal Setting, which was the first project we worked on.

We were introduced to Zig Ziglar who had a lot to say about setting goals. Some tips here:

There’s a very succinct and effective way to delineate your goals. Check out Zig’s method here and here. You can find Zig’s worksheet here.
Use the Ziglar Seven Steps of Goal Setting process to break your goals into specifics, and describe the when and the what and the who.

Some useful links from Slack conversations:

So much to read .. and we’re only just starting ….

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