Third Thursday – On a bus! – October 2015

Well, it turns out that our normal venue is no longer available as the 1st floor room at Jabberwocky is not being used for something else. We discussed a number of options last time, but we have an opportunity for something completely different this month. The Isle of Man Code Bus is currently doing a tour of the island for EU Code Week and on Third Thursday it’s going to be in Onchan. This is not too far out of Douglas so I thought we could have Third Thursday there this month. For those driving it won’t be a difference but if you’re less mobile it might be a bit tricky.

So, why the Code Bus? Well, most of our conversations have revolved around tech, and the Code Bus is packed with all sort of fun technology. From touch-screen PCs to VR headsets, from remote control drones to augmented reality demos, there’s lots to see and play with. It will be a chance to have our conversations in a different setting and to play with some fun tech in a different setting.

So, when and where? We’ll keep the same slot on Thursday 15th (that’s my birthday too!) at 12:30, but we’ll meet at the Code Bus which will be at Onchan Community Centre. And as it’s not quite and eatery, I’ll make the sandwiches too 🙂

See you there!

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