Google getting better at reading your mind

I’ve always found Google to be the best search engine around, mostly because it takes me exactly where I want to go. It’s this uncanny ability that drove Google to the dizzy heights in the search engine space that it enjoys today; driving other search engines to oblivion and the executive teams of its rivals to despair.

I had a fantastic experience today; where Google answered the question I was researching before I even had the chance to articulate this question. Check this out: I was reading an article around how Spotify Premium slashed the price of sharing subscriptions. The article spoke about the US market, where a month of Spotify Premium is $9.99. I had forgotten what Spotify costs in the UK, so did a quick search to come up to speed. This is my result:

Screenshot 2014-10-20 14.57.58
You’ll notice that the search result contains my answer: £9.99, but it also contains more than that. The next question I would have asked myself was ‘Why is Spotify priced at $9.99 in the US and £9.99’ but Google had already taken me to this question before I even had the chance to articulate it.

Granted that this might be a commonly asked question, but the experience still blew me away. Thanks Google!

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