Third Thursday – March 2014 – Social Media Club

It’s Third Thursday this week and as per tradition, this is the day the Social Media Club meet up for their customary lunch and chat. We’re meeting at Jaberwocky on the 20th March at 12:30 to catch up on the latest Social Media news, views and gossip. We’ll be talking about what’s happened over the last month, including Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp, and whether the rise of small group to small group networks like Whatsapp signifies the decline of large scale networks like Facebook.

Sadly, we also need to talk about the future of Social Media Club. The group has turned decidedly techie and conversations usually drift away from Social Media to emerging technologies. Is this what the group wants? Is it time to rebrand and call ourselves something else? Or will someone with a bent for marketing and PR make the leap and help us add direction to the group.

Come, join us for lunch. It’s an open group; so anyone can come. See you on Thursday!


  1. I’m fascinated by the idea of a social media club. You are far, far too far away for me to join you but you have got me thinking about how one could be arranged for Thanet, Kent.

  2. What I’d recommend is find 2-3 people who would always turn up, the advertise it to see who else you can pull in. Worst case, there’s always a core and you’re not having lunch on your own 🙂

    We drew a lot of ideas from too

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