Loving my new wireless charger

One of the great things about my new Nexus 5 is the fact that is supports wireless charging. The great thing about wireless charging today is that a new standard has emerged that is supported by a number of devices. This has led to a corresponding drop in prices of chargers and other devices associated with the standard.

It’s a standard called Qi providing an inductive charging system up to 5 Watts up to a theoretical distance of 40mm. Regulation of the output voltage is provided by a digital control loop where the power receiver communicates with the power transmitter and requests more or less power; done via backscatter modulation by the power receiver. It’s a pretty clever system that’s been gaining popularity and now has started making its way into more and more devices.

The charger I got is an Expower(TM) super mini Qi Wireless Charger which retails for £23.99 including delivery. The reviews were good so I got myself one and I’m more than pleased. It’s a small device that charges the phone really effectively and is currently my main charger at work. I’ve found it excellent as I can pick up my phone when I leave my desk and drop it back when I return, knowing it’s getting charged without having to mess around with cables. I’m actually thinking of getting another couple, one for my car and one for my bedside. That way, my phone will always be topped up.


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