Turn the lights on …. automatically!

Now that the long nights have started, one thing that’s quite depressing is getting back home after work in the dark. Well, it wouldn’t be so bad if there was a welcoming light waiting for you, except you really don’t want to leave the lights on all day, do you? But thanks to the marvelous world we live in there’s a solution for that now.

Introducing Light Switch Timer from Switched On Products. It’s a little gizmo that sits on your light switch and automatically turns the lights on and off for you. I got one of these a few days ago and can happily report that I now come home to a nicely lit porch. Here’s what the device looks like:

light switch timer 3

It has a timer mechanism that’s very similar to the one you find on a boiler. You can set different points in time for the device to turn itself on and off, and you can have different programmes for week days and weekends. The device is interesting in that it’s really easy to implement; it literally took me a couple of minutes. It sits on top of your light switch and physically turns the switching on and off. This means that installation involves loosing the light switch, sliding a mount behind it and sliding the unit into the mount.


You can see the working of the unit round the back:

Light switch timer Back

It’s pretty effective, I programmed it in a couple of minutes and it’s been working flawlessly for a week now. It get a hearty thumbs-up.

So, what does it cost? Well, you can buy it for £27.99 on the Light Switch Timer website. If you’re interested you can use the following coupon: Lights-on to get 10% and free shipping if you buy 2 units. The coupon is valid till the 15th December.

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