Third Thursday – September 2013 – Social Media Club

So Summer is practically over and Autumn is upon us; and once again it’s time for Social Media Club to meet up. It’s a regular meet-up for people interested and invested in Social Media. Some of us use it in our job, for most of us it’s a hobby, but the bottom line is we enjoy talking and learning more about Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the different social platforms around is.

It’s an open event, anyone is welcome to join us and we have had different people come over time. If you’re interested in Social Media, want to learn more, or just want to put a face to a name of someone you know online, then come and join us. We meet on the Third Thursday of every month, on the 19th of September this month.

We’ll be down at Paparazzi on the prom from 12:30 onwards. Come if you can!

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