Bring the Rayburn on …

Right, this is a post with a domestic flavour, but it has a technology backdrop, don’t worry. Since moving to our new house, I’ve been doing a spot of cooking and messing around with our oven. It’s a rather big one so I started reading up about different types. That’s how I came across Rayburn, who do solid fuel stoves and all sort of different models. The interesting thing is that the method of cooking is totally different to what I’m used to, as the oven literally stays on all the site, due to the face it’s made of cast iron; it’s also wired into warming the rest of the house, an idea that was totally alien to me. Anyway, here’s a short video on Rayburn so you can learn more about it:

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  1. Yeah, we had one in Littleborough. But it was coal driven and was hard work to keep going, keep clean (think of server downtime) and was like driving a steam engine.

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