Awesome Inflatable RC Android – hours of fun!

A few days ago I got my hands on a RC Inflatable Google Android ‘Pump and Play’ inflatable toy. As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable remote control device shaped like the Android mascot. And as my friend Nathan was so quick to point out, it’s not controlled by your Android phone, but rather by the supplier remote. (On a sideline, why is it so hard to find 9V batteries nowadays? Took me ages to get my hands on one!)

Anyway, back to the robot. Assembly was quite simple. With the kid’s “help”, we pumped up the robot then tried attaching the wheels and drive assembly. After a few minutes fiddling with it, I reluctantly dug out the instructions and discovered they have to be attached BEFORE inflating the robot. So we let it down, attached the wheels and pumped it up again. It took us a couple of days to try out, because the remote control needs a 9V battery and I didn’t have one handy, but once we got the robot going we had loads of fun. Being inflatable, the robot can take a certain amount of abuse, and our 3-year olds loved pushing him around. It also automatically rights itself (thanks to the heavier base), so can handle being knocked over or being driven off a step.

So, where did he come from? He was sent to me by a Gadget Website – Gadget Inspector, who have a huge collection of similar toys and gadgets, including a remote control R2-D2 for all the Star Wars fans out there. He normally retails for £49.99, but is currently at £27.99. You’ll have to hurry if you want one though, there are only 500 available in the UK (well 499 as I’m not giving mine up!)

If you want to see him in operation, here’s a video showing you all he does:

Much recommended!

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