Third Thursday – February 2013 #smc

Once again Third Thursday is upon us, and it’s time to meet up with all your Social Media friends, buddies and colleagues at our usual haunt. We meet up for lunch once a month to discuss the latest news, happenings, memes, gadgets and all things related to Social Media.

Linkedin ChocolatesLunch is open to anyone who wants to come and join us. It’s a great opportunity to come and network if you’re interested in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other social network that has a bearing on your personal or professional life. Conversation around the table is always varied, so whether you’re a regular or joining us for the first time, it will be a great lunch. We have a core of people who come to every lunch, but it’s always great to have new people joining the group, even if it’s just to touch base and say hello.

So come and join us at Paparazzi on Thursday 21st February at 12:30. If you can spend your whole lunch break with us, just pop in for a coffee, we’d love to meet you and connect with you both online and in the real world 🙂

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