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That’s right! I said study English in Malta, and for good reason. Not only does this tiny little Mediterranean jewel boast the kind of crystal clear blue seas that make you want to quit your job, but it’s also bilingual, relatively cheap and filled with travelers from across the globe.

For the last few thousand years, people have been calling Malta their home, and they’ve all left their mark in some way. From the Phoenicians, to the Romans, the French, the Turks, The British and the Knights of Malta, they’ve all added a little special something to the hot pot of culture which makes up modern day Malta.

English: The Blue Lagoon at boat level with Ke...The latest batch of invaders come in the form of students from around the world, eagerly looking to study English in Malta whilst soaking up the local flavour. It’s a great place, where summers are spent outdoors, people actually like strangers, and everyone is glad of the opportunity to practice their newfound language skills.  It’s quite the opposite of much of Europe where the art of socializing can sometimes seem to have taken a steep nosedive. Malta stands firm, welcoming visitors, largely crime-free, and offering a mix of local flair and the English language – a legacy left long ago by the island’s former years of British rule.

There are plenty of language schools, and since it’s important to the economy, they’re well-regulated, meaning you can’t go too far wrong, although some do distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. It’s a great place to learn English and students come back year after year, falling in love with the simplicity and friendliness they find in such abundance. Clothes-wise the summer season means little more than shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops and plenty of sun tan lotion. Winter means a light jacket and possibly an umbrella during January and February. Apart from the odd thunderstorm and lows of around 12ºC in winter, Malta’s climate is incredibly warm, with over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Touring and activities are readily available, with the world’s oldest temples, the fabulous fortifications built by the Knights of Malta, the silent city of Mdina, shopping, nightlife, diving and much more on the cards. For such a small island, the variety and quality of activities is incredible, and if you have time, there’s also the neighbouring island of Gozo, and the Blue Lagoon on the tiny island of Comino to explore.

Next time you want to study English, learn more about yourself and have a great break at the same time, remember Malta – it’s got everything you’re looking for!

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