Playing with my BassBoomz – #BassBoomz

A few days ago I received my a small package in the post. It was a small blue cylinder called a BassBoomz, a speaker for your laptop, phone or other device. It’s really quite fantastic, in that it’s a cordless device that plays your music without actually attaching to anything. So, how does it work?

Well, you first plug it into a USB port for a couple of hours, which charges up it’s battery. Then, in a lovely piece of engineering, you give the device a twist and it pops open. You then pair your phone over Bluetooth to the device and voila’ .. all of a sudden you can play your tunes on the BassBoomz. It’s actually amazing to watch, this little device, totally wireless, playing your music.

The sound quality is actually pretty impressive, much better than you would expect from a tiny device like this. It uses this great trick of opening up into something bigger, creating a sound chamber with the middle bit. The sound has a pretty strong bass and the treble is nice and clear, the sort of sound you’d be proud to show off to your mates.

All in all, an awesome device; it packs into a small space, charges in under 2 hours and gives you around 6 hours of music. The Bluetooth pairing is awesome, but the device also has a 3.5″ connector just in case your device doesn’t speak Bluetooth.

BassBoomz come in a variety of colours, 8 of them to be exact, which means you can match it up to your device and pick the colour your prefer. The device has a nice chunky feel to it too, making it feel solid and stable. Top marks for aesthetic design.

So, where can you get one? Well, you can get them direct from the BassBoomz website. And here’s a little surprise: If you use the code: BBZ304618 you’ll get a £30 off your order! Check it out!

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