Third Thursday – January 2013 – Social Media Club

Linkedin ChocolatesAs the Christmas festivities fade in our memories, most of us have already got accustomed to the idea that we’re in 2013. And as the unrelenting passage of time moves on, one has only to glance at the calendar to realise: Third Thursday is upon us!

Yes, once again it’s time for our Social Media Club meet up. We’re a group of individuals, from different walks of life with a passion for Social Media. Some of us have been using Twitter for years, some of us have only just discovered Facebook, some of us have even invested in Diaspora .. but enough about that. We meet up for lunch every Third Thursday to share ideas, talk about the latest news and find out about new and shiny things. It’s an open invitation, everyone is welcome, so if you have an interest, or just want to learn about something new; come and join us.

Where: Paparazzi Restaurant, Douglas

When: Thursday 17th January at 12:30

Topic for discussion: Crowdfunding, have you ever done it? What do you think of it?

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