Radio in the shower

So a few days ago I got a Tap Shower Radio from ParamountZone to play with. There have all sorts of stocking fillers for men, women, and kids, but this caught my eye because, let’s be honest, we all love to sing in the shower from time to time 🙂

The radio does everything you’d expect, it has an AM/FM selector, a tuning dial, and the tap part is used to turn the radio on and adjust volume. In practice the sound was decent, though I found it quite sensitive when trying to adjust to a channel I wanted to listen to. It’s a great little stocking filler costing under a fiver, so a great surprise on Xmas morning.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy mine for Xmas, I left it stuck to the bathroom wall and came back to find it had lost it’s grip and smashed itself on the floor. Well, that’s what I think happened anyway. It’s either that or someone didn’t like my singing …

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