Third Thursday – September 2012 – Let’s talk about risk!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of month again, yes the Third Thursday of September is this week, and we’re all meeting at Paparazzi again for your favourite Social Media hangout. So bring your Social Media tales, anything new you’ve learnt this month and any problems that you’ve encountered.

For anyone who hasn’t joined us before, the Social Media Club is a collection of people who use or are interested in Social Media. Some of us have been using it for years, some are just curious what it’s about. We meet once a month over lunch to swap tips, stories or news on anything happening in the Social Media space, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or any other Social Network out there. The invitation is open to anyone who wants to join us, and feel free to drag along a friend/colleague if you want. I’ve had some interesting experiences of what can go wrong with Social Media this month, so we can make that the topic of conversation this time: What are the risks of Social Media and how do you address them.

So, if you’re free to join us, we’re meeting this Thursday 20th September at Paprazzi Restaurant in Douglas at 12:30. Hope to see you there!

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