Third Thursday – December 2011 – Social Media Club

Spaghetti? Yum!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dano

Third Thursday has come nice and early this month, on the 15th of December; so this Thursday it’s time to come and meet your Social Media friends, to have a bite and discuss the latest and greatest. Come and tell us about your online exploits, the things you have learnt and even the mistakes you made. Social Media Club is a forum for anyone interested in Social Media to come and share ideas; we can all learn from one another and thee are tons of things we can learn from one another.

The venue is the same as usual, Paparazzi Restaurant at 12:30. It’s an open invitation, so please come and bring your friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re new on Facebook, or have been using Twitter for years; everyone is welcome.

See you there! Paparazzi Restaurant, this Thursday 15th December at 12:30.

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