It’s Third Thursday – July 2011

Hey everyone. It’s the Third Thursday of the month again this week and as always, the Isle of Man Social Media Club is having it’s lunchtime meet up. Come and share your latest stories, learn about Social Media and find out what’s hot and what’s not. Come and meet your online friends and put names to faces. Come and tell us all about what you think about Google+. I’m sure these and other topics will all make the table this month.

I’m actually off-island for this one, so your host will be none other than @programx (who I’m sure you all know). He’s come to pretty much everyone of these lunches, so I’m sure you’re in capable hands.

So, where’s it being held? Our venue is Paparazzi Restaurant in Douglas, at 12:30 on Thursday 21st July. It’s an open event and everyone is welcome.


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