Experts in our own niche

Have you ever noticed that the more expert we become at something, the more specialised our language and thought process become? I suppose that’s what becoming an expert is all about, the ability to tokenise experience in order to access it much more efficiently. You don’t tend to realise this unless you step back and observe yourself, or unless you accidentally fall into someone else’s niche.

Today I came across the website of a company called IPSCOT who specialise in Industrial Dispensing Equipment. They supply equipment for dispensing materials like liquid epoxy and other hard-to-handle fluids. The one thing that struck me about their website was how specialised it was, a field that I knew very little about. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a sandpiper pump or a chemical dispenser from any other equipment I came across in an assembly line. Still, from their website, you get the idea that they are confident in what they deliver, even though their website is a bit light on the detail.

And I suppose this confidence is the reason we turn to experts when we have a problem in a field we’re not totally comfortable with. Just like IPSCOT has successfully delivered a number of solutions in the fluid handling and dispensing field, so the experts we use every day, doctors, teachers, accountants and others; would have a track record of delivering success or helping their clients achieve success.

So, here’s the question, do you put your trust in experts? Or do you view them with a sense of bewilderment and concern? I’m sure there are people in both camps!

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