Summer holidays

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You know, the weather is starting to improve and it’s really funny how a spot of sunshine changes everything. It lifts the mood, it makes you feel great and it gets you thinking about holidays. Well, it got me thinking about summer holidays anyway; it might have had a different effect on you.

So, where to go  .. where to ? There are a million and one options, and we certainly have family to visit in Malta. But then there are other places that the kids would enjoy too. I’ve heard some great things about Mallorca from a friend of ours who stayed in one of those Pollensa villas. They had a great holiday there and one of the things they enjoyed was the fact that they had a self-catering arrangement. I quite like staying in a hotel and having all the comfort of someone else doing the beds, tidying up and doing the cooking and cleaning. But there’s something to be said about having the freedom to come and go as you please. And that’s a particularly good thing when you still have young babies who may wake up crying in the night and disturb other holiday makers.

Of course, there are other holidays that are just as attractive. Going skiing for example. Not that the babies are going to be skiing, but I can just imagine the twins would have a whale of a time. I know Arthur would really enjoy it. But really Summer is more about sun and sea for me, so maybe one of those Puerto Pollensa villas might be a better option.

So, here’s a question for you. What are you planning for this summer? Are you heading to the sea or are you heading to the mountains? Is it going to be surfing or skiing? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.

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