What makes a great domain name?

I was looking through the articles on Web Hosting Rating when I came across an interesting article that talks about domain names. It struck a chord because earlier today I was discussing with a friend about how some companies doesn’t really consider their domain name carefully and fall into traps that really seem quite basic further down the line.

So, here are some suggestions from the article, called Domain Names 101. The article talks about choosing a domain name, purchasing it and setting it up. Choose domain names that are:

  • Short and Catchy – Easier to Remember
  • Easy to Spell
  • No Complicated characters
  • Describes what your business does – although not essential

Common sense you may say, but next time you come across a domain name you can’t recall or recognise, check if it fits these simple rules. You’d be surprised how easy it is to mess up. The reality is that there are millions of websites out there, all with their own name. There are a number of techniques to make people notice your site, but the most basic one is to have the right name, a memorable one and one that people can remember. Have a look at some of the top websites on the web and see how their domain names are formed. There’s lots to learn from the sites out there; however don’t think that all the best names are taken, there are always more!

The site has some other interesting sections too, from listing the best 10 cheap web hosting services to trying to rate the best web site hosting available on the market at the moment. The site also has a great hosting resource centre with a huge collection of articles related to web hosting, domains, security issues and SEO. Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about the subject.

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