Men Are Useless – Reviewed

I had the pleasure of receiving an interesting package in the mail a couple of days ago. It was a review package for a male grooming service called Men Are Useless, organised by the team down at FuelMyBlog. It’s not everyday that something pops through the letterbox that puts a smile on my face, but I was really impressed by this one.

The first thing that springs right out at you is that there’s a thank you gift for the postman for delivering the package. Our postman didn’t collect it, but the package actually has a packet of Love Hearts at the side with instructions for the postie. Here’s a photo:

Once you get inside the package, there’s a postcard to remind you what they’re all about. Men Are Useless is a service whereby you can get your male grooming products sent to you regularly by post. There’s no running out of your essentials, there’s no getting “confused”, there’s no excuse to not follow your grooming regime. Here’s the postcard I was talking about:

Opening up the box is a well packaged set of products:

The box is full of male essentials that we’re always running out of, and this is just the service that Men Are Useless provide. They have a choice of different packs, the Essentials Box that has all the things you need and the “The Works” Box that adds on a different set of luxury items every month. You can get a run down of their boxes on their site. The site also contains some great bits like Why Men are Useless (Male Chromosomes + Shops = Misery etc), a Wall of Shame and even the option to buy the packs as a gift (Hint, Hint). All in all, I think this is an awesome idea and one that’s going to benefit a whole lot of blokes around the country.

P.S. You can also find them on FaceBook and Twitter


  1. hehe looks great… good idea with the Love Hearts, shame the postie didn’t take them – or maybe not? 🙂

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