#iom Social Media Club – 16th September

It’s Third Thursday this week and as is customary, we’ll be meeting for lunch at Paprazzi to discuss the latest and greatest in the Social Media world. It’s an opportunity to meet up with your online friends and come grab a beverage, share a pizza or just pop in for a natter.

So, what’s happened since our meeting last week? Well, Google has changed, Twitter has got even bigger and a couple of Manx tweeps have bought tablets and Kindles. There’s lots to talk about, whether you’re a Twitter veteran, brand new on Facebook or just curious about Social Media and how it impacts YOU.

So, Paprazzi on 16th September at 12:30. It’s free format, you don’t need to book, just come along and bring a friend. See you there!


  1. Getting confused here…is that…
    Paparazzi?? Paperazi??
    Clapperetzi? (Polish?)
    Klaepperskizi (Jgerman?)

    Get the message?

    Cheers Flah

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