Third Thursday – August 2010 – #smc

Pizza Injustice
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stéfan

It’s the Third Thursday of August this week, and you all know what that means! Right, we’re meeting at Paparazzi to have a bite and a chat about the latest and greatest things happening in the Social Media sphere. It’s a lunch time spot that’s open to everyone interested in New Media; whether you’re a veteran on Facebook, or trying out Locaccino for the first time, come and join us.

Topics around the table tend to be varied, but you be sure that if you have a question about social networking there will be someone who can answer it for you. It’s a great way to put a face to your online buddies, to learn the latest news and tips and to share what you have learned in the last month.

So, come join us at Paparazzi in Douglas on the 19th August at 12:30. Everyone is welcome!


  1. Gah. I’m busy *again* this Thursday (motorcycle lesson, getting ready for the test…)

  2. Good luck with the test mate, 1) Don’t try and get your knee down 2) Stick to all speed limits 3) the stall speed for a bike is quite low, don’t ride along with your feet down

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