Postie of the month!

A few days ago I came home to find a surprise package. It was from my friends Izea, all the way from across the pond. Turns out I was nominated Postie of the Month for March and they sent me a hamper to congratulate me. There was great T-shirt, a number of stickers of their different brands and a handsome award. I’ve known Izea for a number of years now, ever since that started off as a company called PayPerPost. They’ve made massive inroads in to the “Word of Mouth Media Advertising” market and have literally transformed the blogging and tweeting ecosystem.

Here’s what my award looks like:

So, I wanted to send a great box THANK YOU to the entire team of Izea, particularly their illustrious leader, Ted. It’s been great working with you for all these years and I’m looking forward to see what new innovations you bring to the sponsored blogging and markets.

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