This week in the Isle of Man #iom

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Couple of interesting things to do in the evening this week if you’re based in the Isle of Man:

  • BCS – Marine Communications and IT – The talk will cover the challenges of getting reliable communications to and from a moving target somewhere on an ocean! Areas to be discussed include the superyacht IT, the on-board network, satellite communications, airtime provision, real-time tracking and future developments in marine communications. 20th April – More details here
  • JCC – Supplying the Isle of Man – An interesting panel discussion about Utility provision in the Isle of Man. Allan Bates, managing director,  Manx Gas, Chris Hall, managing director, Manx Telecom and Ashton Lewis, chief executive, MEA will each discuss their businesses on the Island, their current success and challenges and future trends.  And all three are happy to answer questions from the floor. 21st April – More details here

I’m actually planning to be at both, so if you’re planning to be at either talk (or both), come and say hello!


  1. As usual I forget to check what things are coming up, and I find out about the Marine communications thing literally minutes after it has finished. Argh!

    (and I forgot the 3rd Thursday *again*)

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