Get paid to post videos

This is a sponsored guest post written by kuaga on behalf of goviral network. Post powered by Sponzai.

Are you paid to post videos on your blog? If not, this post is for you.

While many bloggers discover, watch and post branded videos on a daily basis, relatively few know how to earn on it. This post will shed light on how and what you can earn by posting branded videos.

What you need to know.

There are companies who will pay you to embed video ads on your site. Video revenue is considerably higher than Google AdSense. You will earn above $1 CPM and if you are smart about your placement you get up to $9 CPM. If you like, read more about it here. View your potential CPM earnings here.

Where to start.

One of the most notable platforms paying bloggers to post branded videos is goviral network. It’s free and easy to use – 1) register; 2) pick and post videos you like; 3) get paid monthly via Paypal or bank wire. Your revenue report is updated hourly and you get new campaigns alerts by email.

Sounds easy? Here is the link to sign up.

Don’t have a blog?

No worries. You don’t need any technical skills to create one. As long as you can click on your mouse buttons, you’ll pull it off. Try blogger. It’s fast and free.

Can’t be simpler, can it? Happy posting.

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